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Administración de Fondos

Fund Managment

According to each customer’s characteristics, such as the risk they are willing to take, the time horizon and the investment amount, Fenix Trading may offer you the best alternatives of investment in financial assets (Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Shares and Derivatives). Through diversification, we aim at achieving the highest yield possible taking into consideration the risk our customers are willing to take see table here.

Trading online

Trading online

Trading Online is a new service we offer our customers who are experienced in the share market, where you may buy and sell shares and options on your own in the US Stock Exchange, Canada Stock Exchange and in the most important Stock Exchanges in Europe and Asia; through our web trader or through the Fenix Trader platform for more experienced traders. You may trade with real-time prices, at low costs (see costs). At any time, you can get an Account Statement with all cash movements and a position valuation.

Administración y custodia de valores

Securities Custody and Management

Our Company carries out safekeeping and management activities for all types of securities, bonds, fixed-term deposit certificates and others, ensuring safety, readiness, reliability and profitability for our investors. Keeping custody of our customers’ financial assets is a great responsibility; therefore, whenever operating in any market, we are structured with the highest levels of security, so our customers do not need to worry about their assets being taken good care of.

Servicios Compra Venta de títulos

Securities Transactions

Through an active participation in the financial market, we may offer you a wide range of securities available - public and private, national and international - such as public and private debt bonds, corporate bonds and commercial papers, as well as investment advice.

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