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A share in a company's Corporate Capital. The issuance of shares has been the main method used by companies to raise funds in order to develop their business. It is a variable income investment; return is not fixed, it depends on the company's success.
As regular shares, preferred shares represent a portion of a company's capital. The difference lies in that these shares carry a fixed dividend and no voting rights. They are less liquid than regular shares, but their price behavior is more stable. They are traded abroad.
American Depositary Receipts (ADR’s) Son acciones de compañías no americanas emitidas en éste mercado. Tienen las mismas características que las acciones comunes pero simplifican el proceso, de operativa al unificar la normativa que las regula y la denominación (USD).
They are investment alternatives created through financial engineering which allow the achievement of higher profits than conventional products, with a lower risk profile. There is a wide and varied offer which allows adjusting investments to each customer's specific profile.
Are issued by private companies, with the same characteristics as government bonds but guaranteed by the issuing company. Emerging Market Corporate Bonds are not as liquid, but High Quality Corporate Bonds present an acceptable liquidity. They are all rated according to their risk by risk rating agencies Moody's and Standard & Poors. They are traded abroad.
Are issued by Governments through Central Banks or through the country's public companies.
Bonds issued by transnational organizations such as the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank may also be included in this category.
They usually pay a half-yearly fixed-coupon and terms range from one to thirty years. Uruguayan Global Bonds are included in this category, as well as instruments issued by American mortgage agencies, very popular among Uruguayan investors (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc).
They present high liquidity and the offer is quite varied. Most common categories are: Emerging Market Bonds (less developed countries, higher risk) and high Quality Bonds (developed countries, lower risk). They are all rated according to their risk by risk rating agencies Moody's and Standard & Poors.
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