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Cost - Services

1- Fixed Income

Commissions in fixed income are variable with a minimum of 0.10% and a maximum of 3%. It depends on variables such as the amount to operate, liquidity and paper characteristics, operating of client and type of client (discretional or non-discretional.)

2- Trading Online

SHARES (in the US)

Regular Fee
The cost will be of 0.025 per share, with a minimum of USD 25 per operation. However, the price will never exceed the 1.5% of the total amount of the operation.

Reduced Fee
If a client makes more than five trades in a determined week, the commission for every operation made in the next week will be a minimum of 0.015 per share, with a minimum of USD 10 per operation. This fee will also apply in the first two months in which the client starts operating.

In the first week of January you make 6 operations. The total commission for these 6 operations will be USD 150 (6 x 25). If in the second week of January you make 3 operations, the total commission for these 3 operations will be USD 30 (3 x 10).


- If you operate less than 20 contracts, the cost will be of USD 2 per contract (with a minimum of USD 10.)

- If you operate in between 20 and 100 contracts, the cost will be of USD 1.5 per contract.

- If you operate more than 100 contracts, the cost will be of USD 1.25 per contract.

Example: if I operate 120 contracts, the cost will be 20x2 + 80x1.5 + 20x1.25= USD 185.

3– Trading Desk Operation


When the operations are made by our trading desk, the fee is 1% of the amount operated, with a minimum of USD 30.



The fee is USD 15 per operation plus USD 2 for each contract.


4– Comission for Administration and Custody Costs

Fénix Trading charges an annual commission between 0.24% + VAT of the end of year balances, due to fees of administration and custody of the portfolio. The commission is accrued per trimester, therefore, an account that has been operative for only 9 months, will be charged pro rata.

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