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Your Opportunity to Make the Difference

Fenix Trading has achieved a solid leading position as a stock exchange operator in the Uruguayan market; it is one of the most important companies among members of the Montevideo Stock Exchange.

We trade both in local and international markets, offering a wide array of services and promoting the structuring of active diversified portfolios, aimed at maximizing yield and minimizing risks.


In Fenix Trading, you will find a group of people who will provide you with dedicated and personalized attention. Trained investors will find in our company an agile and efficient tool to execute their business. New investors who are taking their first steps in the field will learn together with their advisor about the types of financial instruments available, their various risks and associated yield. With time, they will get to know the financial investments field, becoming qualified investors.


Our company has a code of ethics, which includes operational principles and procedures, in compliance with provisions by the Banco Central del Uruguay. Our operations are carried out with strict transparency, generating trust and honesty.

Operations are carried out under complete confidentiality, protecting our customers’ investments.

Our advisors are permanently updated in the profession, through training in financial matters, as well as in procedures for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

All our operations are carried out in a responsible, transparent and efficient manner.

In Fénix Trading we provide personalized attention, contemplating and fulfilling our customers’ specific needs. As a result, your decisions will be the most appropriate.

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